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Adding more chlorine to pool cleaning is not the answer.

Pool Cleaning Service

It's unfortunate, but increasingly sold to pool and spa owners.

Migaloo Pool Service uses an ionization and ozone system technology, which can deliver a pool up to 95% less Chlorine and same efficiency in killing bacteria, algae, viruses without the harmful effects of Chlorine. Safe to the skin and hair, you and your family will be able to enjoy a safe and clean pool all year long.

For nearly 100 years, chlorine has been perceived as the only way to disinfect water in swimming pools and hot tubs. Yet, this commonly method results in red and irritated eyes, dry and brittle hair, itchy skin and faded swimsuits. Chlorine is a strong bleach and is dangerous. Another option for pool owners is a salt generator. Many people confuse this as a chlorine-free system, when it is producing chlorine!

Migaloo Pool Service has nature’s way of treating your pool water. By using two of nature's most precious minerals and ozone as a basis for its technology, our system is the most advanced alternative sanitizing system available.

Would you like to swim or have your child swim in a pool with such high levels of chlorine?

When it comes to pool treatment systems, Migaloo pool owners and professionals alike because it's a chemical-free, safe, eco-friendly pool treatment and uses technology developed by NASA to help keep water clean and clean. naturally treat it to control algae, bacteria and viruses.

While chlorine is an effective pool disinfectant, too much of it can cause a number of problems, including dry hair and skin, burning eyes, and even lung problems. Clearwater ionization systems and swimming pools are often recommended for treating water, requiring the use of high levels of chlorine as is often recommended for businesses.

You don't need to invest in a ton of chlorine and other chemicals to keep your water clean and your pool free of bacteria, algae and viruses. We invite you to try Migaloo's pool cleaning service. You won't be disappointed!

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