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How does the Migaloo
Pool Cleaning Service work?

Ionization and Ozone
Nature’s Way of Treating Water
The Migaloo Pool System is nature’s way of treating water.  By using two of nature’s most precious minerals and ozone as a basis for its technology, our system is the most advanced alternative sanitizing system available on the market.
Ionization and Ozone
Our complete system uses two different technologies – ionization and ozone. We also have systems that use ionization only (MineralPURE) and systems that use ozone only (OzoneMAX) to purify the water.  By using the pool ionizer and the ozone pool system you have the closest thing possible to a pool without chlorine.
Control Algae, Bacteria and Viruses
The copper ionization system will help control algae, bacteria and viruses, while the ozone provides the oxidization needed. This new combination system allows you to greatly reduce chlorine levels lower better than ever before.
Advanced Technology
The MineralPURE Pool System uses technology that was licensed by NASA and the majority of our units are NSF certified.  NSF is the most recognized approval certification in the world.  Most of our units are also UL certified, the world’s most trusted certification for electrical and safely compliance.
If you are looking for a pool water chlorine alternative, our pool ionization system along with the ozone pool systems is unquestionably the number one choice you can make.
Revolutionary Water Treatment Cleaning
For residential swimming pools.

How It Works


There are two technologies that make up the system. One of the technologies is a pool ionizer called the MineralPURE System. The other is an ozone pool system called OzoneMAX. These systems will work togheter to reduce choline and will keep your pool safe from algaes, bacterias and viruses

How the MineralPURE Ionization System Works

The MineralPURE ionization system consists of a state-of the-art micro-processor control box and a scientifically designed set of electrodes composed of copper or copper/silver. These are set slightly apart from one another.  Water is passed through a specially designed flow cell chamber that houses the electrodes.  The control box works by generating a precise, low-voltage, DC current (at milliamp levels) to the electrodes.

Basically, the current causes some of the outermost atoms of the electrodes to lose an electron, thus becoming positive ions. While the water is running through the chamber, many of these ions are swept away before they can reach the other side of the electrodes.  As a result, copper or copper & silver ions are dispersed into the body of water that is being purified.

Pool Cleaning


The copper ions help control algae.


Bacteria and Viruses

The silver ions help control bacteria and viruses.


The greatest benefit of copper or copper/silver ionization is that the ions remain in the water providing a residual protection. They provide long-term, nontoxic purification and prevent against recontamination. Unlike most types of sanitizers, the copper and silver ions remain in the water until they flocculate, or form masses with the algae and bacteria and then become large enough to be removed by the filtering equipment. When the “used” copper and silver ions are removed, the microprocessor control box is always producing new ions to continuously sanitize the water.


How OzoneMAX Works


How Ozone is Made

Ozone is produced by splitting oxygen molecules with an ultraviolet lamp. This produces a pair of unstable atoms (O1) that will combine with normal oxygen molecules (O2) and form ozone (O3), which is injected into the water by a Venturi manifold (included with the system).


How Ozone Performs

An oxidization reaction occurs upon any collision between an ozone molecule and a molecule of an oxidizable substance(s) (i.e. algae, bacteria, viruses, fungi including mold and yeast, suntan oil, body oils, mildew, cysts, chloramines, forms of iron, sweat and urine).

These oxidized compounds then “clump” together, thus greatly enhancing the ability of your filter to capture these organisms from the water.  Once the ozone loses the third unstable oxygen molecule, it simply reverts back to the life breathing oxygen.


The OzoneMAX System

The OzoneMAX unit includes a side-stream Venturi manifold that injects the ozone into the water.  As ambient air enters the ozone generator, the Venturi creates a suction-effect to pull air past the UV bulb, creating O3 – ozone.  The ozone is then safely injected into the water flow and “instant purification” takes place at that time.  With seconds, the ozone is dissipated by the time it returns to the pool.

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